Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Donna's Birthday

Donna Phelan's birthday is December 25th. I wanted to make her a card in her favorite color (sunshine yellow) and as far away from a Christmas theme as I could. I made one of these oval accordian cards a month or so ago so I thought I could make another one without watching the VIDEO. NOT!!!! Karen gave some tips for assembly in the video that I forgot and so there were some issues. Note to self ....ALWAYS WATCH THE VIDEO... I had five panels made and shabbily put together. I just could not send it so I started all over again. I got four panels done in time to mail. 

I started with Elizabeth Crafts  Accordion Oval die. I cut four panels in white and four in yellow dp.


                                               Elizabeth Craft Designs - Accordion Oval Card

I did remember to take pictures of the individual panels before I put it together. The flower was made using IO hydrangea flowers in the shape of a lilac. The Paper is PTI.

                                                          Memory Box Rhone Butterfly Wings  

Die-Mensions - Birthday Cake

 Frantic Stamper Ovals
Frantic Stamper Ivy

*NEW - Elizabeth Craft Designs - Katie Flourish Frame Edges

Die-Mensions - Birthday Balloon


Head on over to Donna's Blog and wish her a Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday and spend some time looking at her gorgeous designs.

I will enter this in the Mod Squad Challenge Blog.


  1. Soooo if I am reading this right, you kind of owe me another card/panel? LOL I am kidding!!! This over the top one of a kind beauty is good for the rest of my life!!! You know how I feel about YOU and your beautiful creations, you are truly a generous, thoughtful kind soul and I am sooooo blessed to call you my friend! To the moon and back! I am going to take pictures too, I'll send you some before the new year! And for the record, when this magnificent card is open it looks like porcelain! YOWZA!!!xoxo Love you!

  2. Donna is going to cherish this card. So kind of you to think of her favorite color and to make it not Christmas. I didn't know that her favorite color was yellow. You are too funny and hard on yourself to think that you messed up. You do these panels and Z-fold cards so amazingly fabulous. We are in Minnesota and will be going home today. Maybe I will have time to make a card before packing up the whole kit and kaboodle. Merry Christmas!

  3. I didn't know Donna's favorite color was yellow either. Your card is truly a treasure and I KNOW will be proudly displayed for all to see. All your attention to detail is just amazing. It's a delicate work of art my dear. And Donna said it all, you are a generous and lovely friend. Your card is a gem, and so are you!!!!

  4. Wow! You went all out and this is beautiful! Each panel is a treasure. YOU are a treasure! Kinda makes up for the CAS card I sent her. At least it had yellow, sheesh. This is truly a labor of love!

    1. Sorry, couldn't find your email or locate you on FaceBook. Your card is glorious and so far from anything Christmas! Love it! Thank you for your thoughtfulness! xo~

  5. Well, aren't you a sweetie and I am sure Donna is thrilled to have such a wonderfully compiled card design and knowing you made it especially for her. It is gorgeous and every panel is outstanding in design and beauty. I love those colors too!

  6. What a very luxurious card design! Really lovely and opulent! Great job!

  7. I have already commented here, but just wanted to thank you for playing along with us this week over at the Mod Squad!

  8. This is gorgeous! The detail on each panel is amazing.