Monday, March 15, 2021

Dies R Us Happy Birthday Gnomes

 Here we are 15 days into March and time for new challenge at DIES R US CHALLENGE BLOG

This card comes with a story. My sister's family is always playing practical jokes on each other and a gnome was the central character of one practical joke.

 It all started with an ugly garden gnome that my sister found at a garage sale. She bought it as a gag Christmas gift for Tina, her eldest daughter.  She started the hype about the fabulous gift she found for Tina’s “ special ” Christmas gift.  When Tina opened the package, her expression was priceless and so was her language.  Of course, my sister found said gnome in her stack of gifts the following Christmas.  Stephanie, my sister’s youngest, feared she would be the next recipient, so she heisted the gnome and sent it to gnome land.  This sparked the mischievous little gnome that lives in my sister' s heart, and she started buying and making gnomes at a feverish pace… 250 to be exact.

  The next year my BIL and sister broke into Stephanie’s house while she was at work and hid the 250 gnomes with little gnome notes especially written for Stephanie. Every once in awhile she finds one that was overlooked.  I suspect that my sister will get them all back at some point when she has nearly forgotten about them. In the meantime, this gnome card is for Stephanie.  I think it will make her smile. 

I used the following dies from the Dies R Us Store.

                                                                  Impression Obsession Gnomes

                                                                Frantic Stamper Birthday Candles 

The DRU Team is doing something a little different today! 
We're partnering up with the Double Trouble Challenge Blog and having a joint challenge collaboration.  It's fun and easy and you have a chance to win prizes both here on the DRU Challenge as well as the Double Trouble Challenge!

The theme for this challenge will be A Magical Day:

In order to qualify for the prizes offered at Double Trouble Challenge, you'll need to follow these guidelines. 


So if you used a metal die to join our DRU Challenge and you've included the Magical theme, you have already completed all the requirements for both challenges.  If you've only used a die (but not the Magical theme), you are still eligible for our DRU Challenge, but it won't qualify for the Double Trouble Challenge.

(remember, you MUST use at least 1 metal die to qualify for the DRU prize... and please tell us the die company you have used in your project.)

You can find more information about the Double Trouble Challenge on their blog or on the DIES R US CHALLENGE BLOG